Lauren Brio is a French sculptor, born in 1963. She started working with clay more than 20 years ago in Paris. She now lives in London where her bronze, resin bronze and glass sculptures have been shown in several exhibitions.

Her sculptures express an original style bringing together a harmony of round shapes. Her themes are mainly feminine or maternal which she achieves through sculpting voluptuous women, mothers and families. She is also inspired by musicians and the Japanese culture, having recently travelled to Japan.

Lauren has also started etching with Lélia Pissarro in her studio where they bought their first press together. Her art reflects the look of her sculpture, and the same inspiration is what influences the shapes she carves on the metal plate. Together they have experimented with many different techniques, including drypoint, aquatint, the use of various shades of ink, watercoloured etchings, all of which are on a wide range of different papers.

Subsequently, along with Hugues-Claude Pissarro they founded The Sorteval Press who had their first exhibition at Mall Galleries in London in December 1999. Here Lauren had on display the complete collection of her works, including etchings, other works on paper and sculptures.

Since then, she has started to learn to paint with renowned Polish painter Ewa Gargulinska at her studio in Richmond. Again, her themes and style can be recognised in Lauren's painting. Moreover, she can now express herself through the use of vivid colours.

Recently Lauren spent one year at Chelsea College of Art and Design doing a Foundation course for sculpture and video. She is now working on a project that would include videos. Since 2005, she is also a member of the selective Chelsea Art Club.

All photography by Philip Cohen

May 2010 Brownrigg Interiors & Decorative Antiques, London
July 2009 Gulf Luxury Fair, London
December 2008 Lelia Pissarro Art Studio, London
Summer 2007 Private viewing at Home Studio, London
November 2006 Love Art, Ovarian Cancer Action, London
October 2006 Private viewing with Jan-Filip Olson at Phalsbourg Gallery, Paris
Summer 2005 Albin St Croix Exhibition, Luberon, France
February 2005 Art on Paper Fair at Royal College of Art, London
January 2005 Private viewing with Alain du Pontavice at Phalsbourg Gallery, Paris
June 2004 Art London Fair in Chelsea, London
February 2004 Chelsea Town Hall, London
November 2003 Private viewing with Ewa Gargulinska at Phalsbourg Gallery, Paris
May 2003 28 Cork st Gallery, London
February 2002 Battersea Affordable Art Fair, London
December 1999 Etchings and Sculptures with The Sorteval Press at Mall Galleries, London
Spring 1998 Private viewing at Home Studio, London
Mars 1997 Wellbeing Charity sale at Bonhams, London
Autumn 1996 Stern Art Dealers Gallery, London
Autumn 1994 Olympia "Antiques and Art Fair", London
March 1993 Royal Society of Architects "Women and Europe", London
December 1992 The Coach House Gallery, Heckington (UK)
April 1992 Galerie Matisse - Institut Francais, London